One and Only Son

One and Only Son

Festivals//Christmas//Names of Jesus

Date: 2009
Medium: Acrylic

Price: £ 350

God's Son (Mark 1 v. 11) Unique (John 1 vv. 14, 18): There were many ways of tackling this difficult subject, but, continuing the with the story of Jesus' birth and childhood, we have focussed on the twelve year old boy who chose to stay in the temple after His family and friends started their journey home from Jerusalem (Luke 2 vv. 41-49). His parents assumed He would be amusing Himself with the other youngsters and travelled a whole day's journey before they realised their mistake and returned to search in Jerusalem. This boy was unique. He had to be in His Father's house (Luke 2 v. 49) where He amazed everyone with His understanding and His deep questions. The background of the painting describes some of the unlikely characters in Jesus' family tree, whilst overpowering stars represent the Ten Commandments.

Keywords: church, Jesus, Christmas