Saviour Redeemer

Saviour Redeemer

Festivals//Christmas//Names of Jesus

Date: 2009
Medium: Acrylic

Price: £ 350

Saviour (Matt. 1 v. 21) Redeemer (1 Chronicles 17 v. 21): At the heart of the word 'Redeemer' is the idea of 'buying back' and it is frequently used in the Old Testament, especially in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy (see also Ruth 4 vv. 2-10). Although our first thought may be of Jesus paying the price of death to save us from the consequence of sin, the word also has strong financial connotations e.g. to convert bonds, shares etc. into cash or paper money into bullion. At the bottom of this picture is a kind of 'Canary Wharf' complex (labelled Mammon) with two 'witch' balls in front to indicate that for some people love of money has been their god. The next 'layer' marks opposition to the

Keywords: church, Jesus, Christmas