Festivals//Easter//Church Festival Decoration

Date: 2005
Medium: Acrylic

Price: £ 350

A series of paintings in which the use of colour, symbolism and evocative shapes and feelings express my thoughts about the Easter story. In 'Burial', below the mourning figures and the tomb entrance the body of Jesus rests within the well of a lift shaft - a reminder that He descended to the dead. The hopelessness of Hades and the futility of humanity without God is expressed by the twisted and broken ladders and stairways that lead nowhere. A power starts to work in the burial place on the left and life returns to some of the dead (Matt. 27 v. 52-53). In the top right hand corner a new order is foretold by the splitting of the temple walls (Matt. 27 v. 51).

Keywords: church, Easter, Jesus